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Presenting photos from the Will & Whit Musical event at Telegraph Gallery in Charlottesville, VA! Pics by Chad Van Pelt. (You can see more here.)


How to make a firefly lantern


Writing Spot #3. Finished the first draft of the script for the musical!

Hey NYC peeps: Here’s where you can find Laura Lee at SPECIAL EDITION: NYC next weekend! 

Here are some pics from the Will & Whit ARTNER PHOTO SHOOT at Circa in Charlottesville, VA!

Fun fact: Circa was the visual inspiration for Foxxden Antiques in the book!  Photos taken by Chad Van Pelt.

That’s right, we’re teaming up with the amazing Ballibay Camp for musical theater and rock!!! This summer we’ll workshop our new show. Stay tuned in a few weeks for more details!

…working on the script for the first production of Will & Whit this summer! Writing likes a good view. :-)


What a nice spot to edit this script. (at Delaware Water Gap)

Here’s where I’m workin’ on the Will & Whit musical script!

Gotta get the lights on.


Turns out, staying in a dorm room…is sorta weird. gotta get the lights on scully #artnerlove (at St. Michael’s College, Toronto)